two weeks :D

I have wondered why I wasn’t able to write journal entries all these time. I had so much time on my hands. You should understand that the reason I’m made to wonder about this is because I have this journal article I need to be working on this weekend and so far, I haven’t made progress. So as usual, I resort (it took me quite a while to remember that word!) to blogging as hopefully a warm up activity for the more serious writing I have to do.

It’s been two weeks since I returned to work and so far, there’s no episode of weakness –chest pains, gasps for breath, dizzy spells, and the like. I also haven’t experienced any sign that may cause the neurologist some concern. So I guess, I’m adjusting fine. I still need to go to regular checkups to monitor the blood thickness which reminds me I have to schedule a visit to the doctor later this week. I’m able to commute to the Philippine Heart Center on my own – a great achievement and source of convenience. I appreciate having people to accompany me but the task of arranging the schedule of the doctors and the companion can be stressful. Plus, I believe I’ve already taken so much of their time the past six months.

I still cook my food, some of the more edible-looking ones you’ll see in some posts. The quality of my cooking is the reason why I look forward to Thursday lunches I have with friends and the Friday dinners with the sisters.

I continue to worry about the new monthly expenses. The first time I did a grocery run, I went below the maintaining balance for an ATM account. Heart-friendly products don’t exactly come cheap. I have yet to gauge how much I’d be spending for utilities and groceries so I can draft a more realistic budget.

I’ve increased my physical activity by clocking in more walk-jog time. The new apartment location makes jogging more convenient. The only excuse I have for not taking the jog would be the rains and the scheduled Friday dinners.

Tonight, I managed 5.95km and I didn’t have to worry about the running shoe soles peeling off during a jog ( like what happened last Tuesday 😐 ) Aesthetically, they’re not as pleasing as they used to be but the fast (and cheap) repair extended this pair’s life.

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