weekend watch: sense8

Spent the entire day watching all 12 episodes of the first season. Looking forward to the next season.


You can read more about the series from The Verge and When Will.

lazy Fridays

2015-10-30 22.14.54

Everyone’s hoping that the administration will declare the suspension of classes this afternoon, me included. I have only one class today. The rest of my classes are scheduled for fieldwork so we’ll not be meeting in class. Unfortunately, the announcement never came.

To add to the day’s excitement, I spilled most of my lunch on my shirt. Wasted nearly an hour contemplating whether I should go home to change. (Did I happen to mention that I live around 50 meters from where I work?) I decided to go home rather than remain stressing over whether the sweater would dry in time for my large class lecture – which also happened to be the only class I have for the day.

That’s what happened today if I were to tolerate my negativity. I’ve learned my lesson and I’m trying to focus on the things that I’m thankful for. Blame the friend who’s trying starting his Gratitude Journal for this.

The mother came for a visit and brought lunch. A free meal! 😀 That should be enough to brighten the day.

It’s also nice to see the mother especially after I’ve stopped my weekend stays at her house. She has stopped “requiring” me to spend the weekend with her. That means I get to spend the whole weekend on sleep mode.

Plus, need I remind myself that it’s a Friday?! I get to sleep late tomorrow – and with that thought, nothing can ruin this day.

The mother came for a visit and brought lunch. A free meal! 😀 That should be enough to brighten the day. It’s also nice to see the mother especially after I’ve stopped my weekend stays at her house. She has stopped “requiring” me to spend the weekend with her. That means I get to spend the whole weekend on sleep mode.

I’m thankful that I can still jog even after my open-heart surgery.

Two weeks after the surgery, I was advised to do more physical activities to condition the new mitral valve. I remembered the look of longing I gave the joggers as they passed me. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to jog this year. Every time I try to jog, it feels like my heart would spill out of my chest. There’s a distinct red line about half a foot long marking the incision from the operation.

Almost four months after the operation, I’m able to take weekly jogs. I have to. Today, I managed 10.6km in almost two hours. This is the longest jog I’ve had since the operation. My pace is still slow but that’s all I can manage for now. I just want to focus on completing a longer run. That’s the greatest source of fulfilment for the week 😀

I’m going to spend tomorrow drowsy and I’d wince every time I’d need to take the stairs but I’ll remain grateful.

Some people collect books, comics, mugs, dolls or miniature cars. I collect pages and pages of jotted thoughts.

I tend to forget things. I don’t think it’s a bad thing though. Maybe it’s what keeps me sane. I can experience intense emotions at particular moments then forget about them the week after. By forgetting about such moments, I’m freed from feeling hurt, humiliation, and wronged. In this case, forgetfulness is bliss.

I do want to document how I felt during such moments. Raw thoughts are always a delight to read. Reading unfiltered musings, usually of irritation and anger, can remind your of the past’s childishness and how you’ve matured.

My entries are as disorganized as most of my thoughts. I keep electronic logs in multiple protected diary/journal apps and Word documents with passwords that I have mostly forgotten. My written entries are in several notebooks. I haven’t even completely filled one before I start writing in a new one. It’s such an achievement to fill the page of one notebook. I haven’t completed one for a long while.

This blog is probably my most organised collection of “pages” in the past years. It also reminds me to write more regularly. Currently working on that.

Call me the The Destroyer when it comes to wristwatches. In our family, I think I hold the record for the most number of watches broken. From broken straps to malfunctioning machine parts and even the causing a large crack in the timepiece’s glass protective cover – I have encountered them all.

I began wearing wristwatches in high school. That was when I learned that plastic straps weren’t ideal for me. The plastic straps became brittle and broke. They said it’s because I was acidic. In college, I got a leather strapped watch. I had to constantly replace the leather straps to keep it presentable. It was also in college when I was given my first fancy watch. A hand-me-down from the sisters. It had a stainless steel bracelet. This was the watch that stayed with me the longest. The problems was that its key part, the one that control the watch’s hand movements, was malfunctioning. I tried replacing it with a new one (quite costly for a student) but it stopped working every once in a while. Having the wrong time can be very frustrating.

When I started working, I received an automatic watch with a leather strap. It worked fine. I loved that watch until I accidentally banged it on a metal post (clumsy me) resulting to a crack in the watch glass. Even the hands and numbers were shaken out of place with the impact. Such impact might have been a painful but I was more focused on working about breaking another watch –which I did.

I bought my first watch from the Christmas bonus. I settled for a battery operated watch with stainless strap. It fit me well. I did find it strange that a cheaper watch would survive my more incidents caused by my clumsiness. I was proud to wear that watch knowing I had bought with my own money. I loved that watch.

My father loved it too. I gave the watch to him. We share the same concerns when it comes to watches. I got the acidic wrist from him. It was a sturdy timepiece and the batteries were cheaper. The father receives a lot of watches as gifts so it’s nice to see that he still wears the watch I gave him. It still works fine. The strap is sturdy still. And its battery is more affordable so I can always change the battery every time I come home to the province.

I’ve bought other watches in the past years and have received timepieces as gifts from the mother. The current watch is a gift from the mother. I was surprised to see that the strap edge was unglued. It seems like only the actual watch is water resistant. The strap is a bit weak, which is surprising since the mother boasted about this piece being better –meaning more expensive that the ones I bought. Being more expensive does not necessarily translate to having better quality. I should mention though, that I really love this watch because it shows the date and it glows in the dark 😀

2015-10-27 21.14.58I went to work late this morning because I had to sew the unglued edges. I don’t know until when the sewn edges will last but I’m hoping it would last long enough for me to save up for a new pair of watch straps.