We’re connected by blood – this new mitral valve and I. We’re celebrating our third monthsary today. It’s such a relief that we’re doing fine together. There’s been some serious level of anxiety these past few months on whether we’ll be compatible for the long run.

Took the last warfarin tonight. It marks the end of a three-month monitoring period after the mitral valve replacement. Celebrated it with an evening jog – and some beef doners (yep, that’s plural) afterwards 😀

It feels great not to hear heartbeats in double. When I rested my back on a wood or metal chair, my body used to body used to push against the back support in double beats. It was a bit tiring to have one’s heart palpitating all the time. Just imagine being in the presence of someone you’re attracted to (or extremely afraid of) – all the time. The palpitations tire you off eventually.

Three months after the operation and I can say I’ve retained some form of normalcy. I can take evening jogs again – something that I thought would take at least a year before I can manage. I’m back at work. I’ve been reporting at the office for about a month now and I’ll resume teaching next week – after half a year of absence 😀 I can carry a week’s worth of groceries and supplies. I’ve learned to distribute the monthly purchases into weeks so the grocery bags are lighter. And, I’m now once more worrying about my monthly bills.

So yeah, everything’s normal 😐


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