my top 5 excuses for not maintaining the daily log

1. Nothing happened that’s really worth writing about.

While that may be true, keeping the daily log isn’t really about the day being eventful or not. Remember that what’s “worth writing about” varies from person to person (your future self would get such a good laugh from these entries). It’s a matter of perspective. And while we’re commenting on that, it’s not really the reason why one would keep the journal – at least, why I keep a journal.

I need to write. It doesn’t have to make a lot of sense. I just need to write something I want to. All day, I have to write a lot of things at work. Not complaining here. I just want to write something so I can say I’ve done something I really want to do at the end of the day. It’s a release from the day’s stress. I love my job but it can be stressful. So this is me de-stressing. Although these past few days – errr months? – I have spent less time keeping regular logs. It was so easy not to write newer entries – especially when I have missed quite a lot. That brings us to Excuse No. 2.

2. There’s no sense in trying to keep a regular log having missed a quite a lot of entries.

That’s just pure laziness talking. It’s definitely easier not to write – or not do anything for that matter. But we’re not after easy. Remember that the reason you wanted to write was because you tend to forget a lot of things and maintaining a journal has kept a lot of your memories. Even if most of these memories were not-so-pleasant, they’re still a great reminder of all the decisions you have made – the good and the not. All these past entries are lessons for what courses of action you can take in the future.

The “sense” in keeping a journal is remembering your past high and (mostly) low points so you may be reminded of the lessons you’ve learned the hard way.

3. It’s all rants anyway. I’m sick of my own negativity. I rather not write entries with new dates yet with exactly the same content.

Your negativity is part of what makes you human. Everyone’s entitled to have a few dark phases in their lifetime. If we’re all sunshine then there must be something seriously wrong – although that would be such a bliss, I guess. The entries can help you determine how long you’ve been wallowing in negativity. If after a month you’re still all gloom, then maybe you need some professional help. Okay, that may be a bit extreme.

Let’s start with spending more time outside the office – and apartment – and having more talks with friends and family. You don’t have to always be the one talking. Sometimes, listening to other people’s concerns help you contextualize your own worries – plus you have given them the gift of your presence and attention. That’s quite a premium commodity these days.

Going back to the point, your entries will help you gauge how long you’ve been in a rut. And hopefully, it can help you make better sense of things and slowly ease you into that still-dark-but-not-as-much place.

4. I’ve read most of my past entries and they suck – big time! I don’t see the use of adding more entries of similar quality.

Well, they’re supposed to suck – relatively. These past entries reflected your state of mind – and writing in the past. With time, it’s expected that you have progressed – somehow. You may now write clearer with a greater focus and confidence. And you may care less about what people may think about your writing. You may have become more mature and you may have developed a better sense of self. You may have learned to not be too hard on yourself and to focus more on the fact that you’re doing something you like – and hopefully, managing to do it regularly – not because you have to but because you want to.

The difference between the entries that sucked and your newer entries are testament to your growth in writing and in thought.

5. I don’t have time to write. I’m too busy.

That’s some serious bull – and you know it. You have time to come up with all these silly excuses to avoid maintaining that supposedly daily entry – and to try to justify why you were too lazy to write. Why not use that brain processing for developing even the most nonsensical topics. We’re not after creating mind-blowing entries (although that would be nice). We just need regular entries that you can look back to – dread, cringe, and humiliation be damned.

So if it’s still not that obvious, I spend a lot of time debating with myself especially these past few months. I’ve got a lot of free time I guess but I’ve been too lazy to drag myself in front of a keyboard.

The newest strategy was to purchase a journal app – none of the pricey ones, of course. Hopefully, the app cost would help motivate me to write more regularly. We’ll see.


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