the best time of the day

Going through the morning office routine will always be my favourite time of the day. It’s like being on autopilot. Check the coffee vendo machine supplies, clean the desk, prepare tea, and prepare the day’s contract.

The day’s contract contains all the things I plan to work on and hopefully complete for the day. It outlines the order of accomplishment of tasks to save on time thinking about what to work on next. Once the day’s tasks are identified, I can then proceed on preparing for them. The preparation usually involves requesting for and downloading needed files as well as completing the day’s minor tasks such as recording attendance and quizzes to get them off my mind, keeping me focused on the day’s major tasks.

Recently, a friend asked me how I manage to maintain a planner and I didn’t know how to answer. It’s just been a part of the daily routine (well, maybe weekends are excluded) for too long. The planner entry is my contract for the day. Somehow, writing down all the things I need to work on increases my motivation to cross them all out by the end of the day. But that’s the ideal setting.

There are several tasks that I have to repeatedly transfer to the next day – and even weeks 😐 That can be quite frustrating. I try not to dwell on that.

The first hour at work is the calm before the storm. You prepare your workplace – and yourself for the day ahead.

And after surviving the day, you take a look at your day’s list and hopefully, get some sense of accomplishment to take with you on your walk back home.

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