After I was advised by the doctor to drink coffee in moderation, I found myself learning to drink tea with significantly lower caffeine content. After three months, I’m still working on it.


So on Monday morning, I found myself painstakingly separating the dried rice grains from the tea leaves in this new blend of green tea I’ve been trying.

The taste of the rice was overpowering the green tea leaves. I tried the mixed blend last week. It tasted more like rice tea – not what I’ve been hoping for when I bought this pack. Using only the tea leaves resulted to a bland tea 😐 Plus I had to spend more than 10 minutes to separate the leaves from the grains. That’s not something I’m willing to do again only to get a bland drink.

This morning, I’m back to drinking the tea, rice and all, to save on time – and I’m not exactly thrilled about it.

This is what happens when you’re seriously avoiding facing your tasks during the start of the work week. You are aware that your time is limited yet you choose to use it to deal with the silliest of things.

Until now, I still cannot believe I wasted time separating the grains from the leaves. I could have just used the other type of tea in the office – or borrowed a bag from a co-worker.

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