free journalism courses at Poynter News University :D

journ webinars and courses

Because I’m still feeling silly about the tea problem post, I thought I could balance it out with a more sensible entry on what occupied most of the afternoon.

I chanced upon the Poynter News University courses page  during my online references search for some of the classes I was handling this semester. While some of the courses require fees for enrolment, there are also free and sponsored courses (that also means free!) that you can take. You just need to register and create an account.

For two hours, I pored through their list of courses to search for free and interesting topics. There was a LOT of courses I wanted to enrol in.  After checking 10 pages of courses, I realized I have already enrolled myself in 18 courses!

After two and a half hours, I thought it was time to end the search and enrolment for journalism courses to go back to what I was originally looking for in the first place.

While I have yet to read the course materials, I am deeply grateful for stumbling upon a wealth of free and sponsored journalism resources that I can hopefully integrate into our courses and the community newspaper.

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