craving for sleep

It’s a Friday night. There’s no scheduled dinner with the sisters today so I’m making some red meat sauce to last from dinner up until this Sunday.

Got a couple of tv series to watch until late while I deal with the week’s laundry. I’ve always looked forward to Friday evenings. There’s that sense of relief having survived the week’s classes – and the chance to finally have some seriously long sleep.

Sometimes, I miss the painkiller induced sleep I had during my two-month hospitalization. I remember only waking up for meals and tests. (But, nothing would beat that one sleep I had when I was given morphine before my operation.) But I definitely prefer sleeping without IV needles and wires stuck on my hands.

Keeping still while asleep has never been easy. I remember that one night at the hospital when I was near tears trying to wake the third sister up. It was uncomfortable bordering on painful. Somehow, I’ve managed to get myself in some contorted position in the hospital bed – and I couldn’t manage to get myself out of it. I banged the bed rail and called out to my sister who was sleeping less than two meters away.

Finally, she woke up groggy and immediately realized what the problem was. I was stuck and was in pain. It made me think of that childhood game where the players would join hands and twist themselves is such complicated conditions so the one other player would have a hard time figuring out how to return them in their initial position. It’s just that in this particular situation, I was alone. After a few minutes, the sister finally managed to “fix” me on the bed.

Sleeping has always been very important for me. I remember the aunts and the sisters asking why I bother travel 8-12 hours  back to my hometown just to spend most of my time sleeping. I try to explain that my sleep is most restful in the old bedroom even with the uncomfortably worn thin mattress – especially since the oldies don’t bother to wake us up early in the morning. When I’m there, I sleep until late morning and sleep some more after lunch then wake up for dinner. A week spent like that is such an indulgence. I only get to do that during long holidays.

Within the working semester, I long for Friday and Saturday nights because they provide opportunities for long alarm-free sleeps. I also get to save on meals because I only manage to peel myself off the bed at around lunch time and then have late dinners – and on better days have just one meal (usually at dinnertime) for the entire day 😀

Weekends are usually the time to clear the fridge of the previous week’s stocks. I manage to do that in between sleeps as well as clean the apartment. While I do love sleeping, I still need to keep the place clean, attend the Sunday mass, and restock groceries for the coming work week.


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