I wish one could burn calories with worrying or thinking. That way, I can burn a lot of calories. The world is cruel and that is not the case. So I have to walk and jog to keep this newly-repaired heart in good condition –and hopefully reach my ideal weight of 65kg. I’m 7.6 kg away from that.

I don’t expect to reach the 65 kg ideal weight anytime soon. It’s going to be a slow process. It’s definitely going to test my patience and self-control. I’ll have to maintain the daily 15-minute exercise and manage (at least) a 6 km walk/jog every week. See, losing weight for me isn’t optional. I need to reach that 65 kg goal if I want to keep this heart working properly – and live longer.

It was way easier to lose weight when I was on drip at the hospital. The food wasn’t that great so I had no problem controlling my appetite. Even if I had no exercise during the hospitalization, the drip and the hospital food was enough for me to reach 65 kg.

When I was discharged, I got back all the weight I lost – and more 😐


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