Call me the The Destroyer when it comes to wristwatches. In our family, I think I hold the record for the most number of watches broken. From broken straps to malfunctioning machine parts and even the causing a large crack in the timepiece’s glass protective cover – I have encountered them all.

I began wearing wristwatches in high school. That was when I learned that plastic straps weren’t ideal for me. The plastic straps became brittle and broke. They said it’s because I was acidic. In college, I got a leather strapped watch. I had to constantly replace the leather straps to keep it presentable. It was also in college when I was given my first fancy watch. A hand-me-down from the sisters. It had a stainless steel bracelet. This was the watch that stayed with me the longest. The problems was that its key part, the one that control the watch’s hand movements, was malfunctioning. I tried replacing it with a new one (quite costly for a student) but it stopped working every once in a while. Having the wrong time can be very frustrating.

When I started working, I received an automatic watch with a leather strap. It worked fine. I loved that watch until I accidentally banged it on a metal post (clumsy me) resulting to a crack in the watch glass. Even the hands and numbers were shaken out of place with the impact. Such impact might have been a painful but I was more focused on working about breaking another watch –which I did.

I bought my first watch from the Christmas bonus. I settled for a battery operated watch with stainless strap. It fit me well. I did find it strange that a cheaper watch would survive my more incidents caused by my clumsiness. I was proud to wear that watch knowing I had bought with my own money. I loved that watch.

My father loved it too. I gave the watch to him. We share the same concerns when it comes to watches. I got the acidic wrist from him. It was a sturdy timepiece and the batteries were cheaper. The father receives a lot of watches as gifts so it’s nice to see that he still wears the watch I gave him. It still works fine. The strap is sturdy still. And its battery is more affordable so I can always change the battery every time I come home to the province.

I’ve bought other watches in the past years and have received timepieces as gifts from the mother. The current watch is a gift from the mother. I was surprised to see that the strap edge was unglued. It seems like only the actual watch is water resistant. The strap is a bit weak, which is surprising since the mother boasted about this piece being better –meaning more expensive that the ones I bought. Being more expensive does not necessarily translate to having better quality. I should mention though, that I really love this watch because it shows the date and it glows in the dark 😀

2015-10-27 21.14.58I went to work late this morning because I had to sew the unglued edges. I don’t know until when the sewn edges will last but I’m hoping it would last long enough for me to save up for a new pair of watch straps.


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