Some people collect books, comics, mugs, dolls or miniature cars. I collect pages and pages of jotted thoughts.

I tend to forget things. I don’t think it’s a bad thing though. Maybe it’s what keeps me sane. I can experience intense emotions at particular moments then forget about them the week after. By forgetting about such moments, I’m freed from feeling hurt, humiliation, and wronged. In this case, forgetfulness is bliss.

I do want to document how I felt during such moments. Raw thoughts are always a delight to read. Reading unfiltered musings, usually of irritation and anger, can remind your of the past’s childishness and how you’ve matured.

My entries are as disorganized as most of my thoughts. I keep electronic logs in multiple protected diary/journal apps and Word documents with passwords that I have mostly forgotten. My written entries are in several notebooks. I haven’t even completely filled one before I start writing in a new one. It’s such an achievement to fill the page of one notebook. I haven’t completed one for a long while.

This blog is probably my most organised collection of “pages” in the past years. It also reminds me to write more regularly. Currently working on that.


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