fourth month

I was scheduled for some blood tests and a consultation with the cardiologist. As always, commuting to the Philippine Heart Center is my greatest concern. I had to bring my laptop with me today so I can get some writing done for a primer.

Left Los Baños at 9am, which is way later than I’m used to. I used to leave town at 7am so I’d be one of the first patients in line for the blood work. I usually catch up on sleep during the bus ride back to Los Baños.

This time, I finished checking the first set of large class (around 140 students) quiz I brought with me even before I arrived at the hospital. I was surprised to hear the attendant announcing that we were at East Avenue. Usually, the bus passes through Kamias Road where I’ll get off the bus and take another ride to the heart center. I have no idea where we diverted from the usual route 😐

Upon alighting the bus, I faced the 11am sun and a series of pedestrian lanes. While I waited for the go signal for pedestrians to cross, I hugged my backpack and shifted uncomfortably in place as other pedestrians passed by me and crossed without looking at the sign. When the pedestrian lights finally went green, I was the only one remaining on my side of the street.

For some reason, I had this idea that the Philippine Heart Center was just near where I got off the bus so I decided to take the walk. I failed to factor in the noon heat and the mass of workers having an early lunch break. After around 15 minutes, I finally reached the heart center.

Did I also happen to mention that I haven’t eaten in the past three hours nor visited the comfort room because I wasn’t sure of the blood test requirements or if I’d need a urine sample for one of the tests? I let out a big sigh of relief when the cashier instructed me to proceed to the blood extraction room. That was the first good news for the day 😀

Once the blood sample was extracted, I camped at the cafe within the compound. The results were to be released after an hour and a half and my appointment for the consultation was hours away giving me a lot of waiting time. I continued checking the quizzes and did the research for  the primer content. I finished these tasks way before the doctor arrived for the consultation.

It was near 4pm when I sat down with the doctor. My blood test results were normal. My heart seems to be adjusting well with the new mitral valve. The cardiologist did advise me to put in more effort in reducing weight 😐 I can imagine the mother with her I-told-you-so spiel when I relay this information with her.

In less than 15 minutes, my consultation was over. Paid the fee, bought two months worth of medication, and started the commute back home. The bus left Cubao at around 4pm and arrived in Los Baños at 7pm. Got back to the apartment at 8pm with a nearly empty wallet 😐


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