December Jog Log: 54.5km

Yey, for December! Managed to cover more kilometers this month. Totally stoked to do better this January 😀

December 2015



post run treat

IMG_0839One of the things I missed most about home is getting a serving of pancit bato for PhP10. Two decades ago, we could even get one serving for four to five pesos.

Imagine my delight when I saw a tray of pancit bato in this carinderia as I was making my way back home. The thing about this dish is that it doesn’t need much additional ingredient to taste great. This morning’s jog was followed by a hearty breakfast,a cold shower, and sleep for the rest of the day. Now, this is a holiday 🙂


The weather finally cleared today. It’s been pouring all week. I have to admit, I love this weather but I can’t go for a run if it rains every night. So as much as I love the cold, I’m still hoping for rainfree (yet still cold?) evenings for a nice jog 😀