starting the month right

12395236_10207581251985297_1408421620_nWhat better way to start the month but to makeup for the missed jogs from November. I will do better this month.

Took an early morning jog shake off that heavy feeling thanks to the previous week’s laziness.

The weighing scale log from yesterday was a wake up call. It served as a reminder that I’m not doing my part in keeping this new valve healthy 😐 I took a morning jog because the guilt kept me awake for most of the night – and morning – and I cannot bear the thought of enduring this restlessness until later evening.

I felt great to return to the field after a week. I’m not even bothered about my pace anymore. I’m content just to have spent an hour on exercising today. Was sleepy at the office but that was easily taken cared of.

Here’s to logging in more kilometers this month 😀



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