tuna adobo

IMG_0520Dropped by the Agri Coop on the way back to the apartment. I was supposed to buy only garlic but ended up purchasing yellow fin tuna, lettuce, and calamansi.

Finally found a more affordable source of fish for protein. I was starting to get sick of tasteless chicken breast. I was advised to prioritize fish and chicken breast as my meat source. I think it’s also a way to lower your appetite because there’s not much one can do with chicken breast in terms of taste unless you season it aggressively.

Now, I have an issue with fish. Aside from not being a particular fan of its scent, it’s hard to find fish at the supermarkets that’s not tilapia, bangus, or cream dory. Salmon is way too pricey and tuna is seldom part of the supermarket display. I’m just glad I found a place nearby where I can get fish of good quality for a more affordable price.

Also found that their lettuce – as with most of the produce – at the coop is relatively cheaper and more fresh than the ones I’ve been buying at the supermarket. I just need to reschedule my market days since I don’t think they’re open during the weekends. But that’s such a small discomfort considering how much I’ll manage to save.

This is one of the more filling dinners I have prepared at home. Fried the tuna and prepared some adobo sauce for it. To complement the dish, also prepared a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber in honey mustard vinaigrette. Had no lemon for the vinaigrette so I used calamansi in its place. It tasted fine.

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