fifth month

Survived one of the longest regular committee meetings for my fifth month after operation. The mother brought some groceries. So much for my prescribed low sodium and low fat diet 😐

It’s December and it’s near the end of the semester. Everyone’s looking forward to the long break but we have to submit the grades first before we get to enjoy our free time.

So far, I’m doing fine – I think. I didn’t expect to have the same tolerance for late nights and long hours of work. I need more sleep and rest these days. I’m trying to eat healthier this month and to take my attempts at keeping a regular exercise schedule more seriously. I still manage to attend the Sunday mass regularly 😀 That has got to be my greatest achievement.

I haven’t experienced any difficulty in breathing or chest pains. I can manage slow jogs up to two hours with at least five kilometers per jog session. I haven’t had any seizure or loss of muscle control that the neurologist asked me to look out for. So far, I haven’t had any fever or flu so I believe the vaccination I had is working.

The only problem I guess is that I’m becoming lax in terms of food options and in getting regular exercise. I tend to forget what I have just undergone and managed to survive. Sometimes, the realization comes to me in a jolt. I don’t know how many times more I’d find myself in that moment of surprise, disbelief, and gratefulness having remembered what I have survived. And all that happened just a few months ago.

I still have that weight to lose. The sisters have joked about lifting my (family-imposed) travel ban when I reach the 60kg ideal weight. It’s a slow process shedding off all that weight.

If there’s anything November taught me is that I should never NEVER let a week pass without any form of exercise.





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