making sense of reality :|

12366773_10207581252065299_615093454_nCame home from work late but still managed a run.

I’m reminded of how these sessions used to give me some sense of quiet and really think – since I’m far from any form of distraction.

It’s one hour of peace to make sense of the day that was. We’re busy with finalizing student grades at work plus some special tasks for this special person at the workplace. She has always been a mother figure at work. Now that she’s retiring, we thought we should prepare something special for her. That’s what has been keeping me busy during the day.

And in the evenings, during hours of contemplation, I try to focus on doing things for her while struggling to deal with how the accomplishment of tasks are far from ideal – heck, very far from what’s acceptable and/or expected from adult professionals. Essentially, I work on my – and mostly other peoples’ – tasks during the day and spend the evenings keeping myself from mentally throwing profanities to them.

Returning to the apartment physically drained leaves me with not much energy to wallow in negativities and I get that deep sleep to recharge for the next day – where I know I’d still be working on other peoples’ tasks. Ah, reality.

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