last work day for 2015

Watercolor background from

Few people take the last day at work seriously. More often than not, there’s not much work being done except to wait for the Christmas party, specifically pigging out on the food.

That’s not exactly true in this workplace. During this time, the building is filled with hurried footsteps of professors as they rush to submit their grades – all before the party proper at noon.

So while most people in the building rush to complete their remaining tasks for the last workday, I remain in the room printing the calendars that I’ll be giving out as presents. I’m using acid-free pre-cut papers and the paper boards from last year’s notebook/planner project.

I’m not really fond of party games. I never liked games in general, which is why I’ve come up with a couple of ways to avoid them although they’re not always successful 😐

This year, I have a more valid excuse. My wound from the heart valve replacement hasn’t completely healed and so I’m avoiding any accidental contact from other people during the games. And so I went back to the room and resumed printing more calendars. By the time I returned to the party, it was lunch time. Perfect!

In the years that passed, I would have felt guilty for skipping the games. Not this time.

I did manage to complete the calendars and distributed them late in the afternoon. Four in the afternoon felt like 6pm because of the gloomy weather and the empty hallways. Most people have left the building. And so I followed.


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