yey for January :D

This month marks my greatest achievement for exercising regularly. January 2016 has the longest – and most number of – entries in my Nike+ app – ever! It’s all thanks to the weekday jog habit that I hope to keep in the coming months.

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12620694_10207894163847898_874524368_oWalked around the jogger’s path during the second day of the conference.

The eldest sister and I chatted as we took our morning walk. We went out for the morning exercise earlier as today’s sessions were scheduled to start 30 minutes earlier compared with yesterday’s program.

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first Saturday run

12637189_10207894163647893_2116527764_o I am so relieved to have managed to get up for this run. The eldest sister was also attending the conference. I dropped by their assigned villa so we could search for the jogger’s path indicated in the Google Maps app (such a blessing!).

We were actually looking for a convenience store so I could buy some supplies (that I forgot to bring).

Thanks to the helpful guards at the gate who gave directions to the convenience store and the jogger’s path (which had a rubberized surface! :D)

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Another missed weekday run.

We left for Pampanga at around 2pm but we’ve been seated inside the bus since 1pm. If only dragging the three-day’s worth of clothes and supplies could count as exercise – or perhaps enduring a very warm six-hour bus ride 😐

I really have to jog this weekend. Here’s to getting an early night to prep for tomorrow’s run.

12633167_10207894163887899_1046735216_o And we’re back to the morning jog 😀

Thursdays are when I have the most number of classes but the morning exercise – and heavy breakfast – prepared me for today.

I’m wondering how I’ll make up for yesterday’s missed run. I probably won’t be able to take a run tomorrow because I’ll need all the time I have to pack for the conference this weekend. (Excuses, I know.) Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to jog during the weekend.