12510949_10207744882515958_2058391860_oThis is my first jog for the month šŸ˜€

Started the day with an early run and my was it cold!Ā A few minutes out of the apartment and I regretted wearing a normal t-shirt. Should have worn the sweater. I couldn’t feel my face as I made my way to the field

The cold became less of a bother later during the jog. ItĀ motivatedĀ me to keep jogging. Being in constant motionĀ does help increase the body temperature making the morning cold more bearable.

Survived the day in a sleepy daze barely managing to keep conversations during the lunch I had with the eldest sister and her daughter. Spent most of the day standing at the bank while waiting for my turn at the counter šŸ˜Ā Just had to settleĀ the billsĀ to start the year right and then I can move on to completing last year’s work backlog.

Here’s to logging in more kilometers this month šŸ˜€




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