Prepared myself for the cold this time and wore warmer jog wear. Still, my face was numb by the time I reached the field. The cold reminded me of an early morning jog up north in Baguio City around five years ago. It was that cold. And while I would still like enjoy the luxury of a more hours in bed on a cold morning like this, I am more concerned about losing enough weight in time for my next visit to the cardiologist later this month.


Felt less sleepy at work today. Hopefully, this early morning jogs would become part of the routine during the weekdays. I’m not even going to set that as a resolution for 2016. I’ll just continue working on increasing the number of kilometers logged every month.

And for rainy days, I’ll have to spend my exercise time indoors working on increasing the repetitions I can manage at the new exercise machine. So, I really have no more excuse to not exercise.

Finally finished a complete draft of the newspaper issue I should have completed before the break last  month. It will still need a lot of revising. I’m just glad I can move on to the remaining two more issues 🙂



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