an early night, it is

Yeah, so I wasn’t able to get myself out of bed this morning. I’m blaming the Netflix subscription I started last night. Stayed up late watching Aloha. I should be in bed by 9pm or 10pm the latest for me to go for morning runs. That’s what I learned this morning.

So I spent the day feeling guilty about not starting the day with the usual jog. The day-long guilt was enough motivation to go home as early as I could after 5pm so I could take an evening run – and more importantly, be back at the apartment for the 7am chat scheduled with a friend from college.

Thankfully, I still managed 5.94km before the week ended -and I did manage to return to the apartment by 7pm. Spent Friday evening catching up with a friend a haven’t really had a conversation with for a long time. So, 8pm until about 2am was spent catching up on health, family, aging, work, motivations, and the like. I didn’t even think I could keep a conversation that long.

My throat was dry and sore from all the talking even before we ended the longest (that’s almost 6 hours!) video chat I’ve been part of. But it was great fun. I didn’t realize how much missed this friend until we decided to end our chat. It felt like being back in college – only, I’m more talkative this time.



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