UntitledToday marks the day that I discovered –and more importantly, the delivery service covers Los Baños area 😀

It took a little more than an hour for the pizza to be delivered but that suits me well. I usually wake up around 8am during the weekend – and can manage to register and place orders – but opt to stay in bed to get another round of sleep until around 12nn. This particular morning, I was craving for Yellow Cab’s charlie chan chicken pasta. I was searching for their Calamba branch telephone number when I saw their online delivery site on top of the search results.

You don’t really get an email notification when you complete your registration so I wasn’t sure if the order was processed. I did get a text notification plus a phone call informing me that it would take around an hour and 15 minutes for my order to arrive. That’s not a problem for me.

So I managed to fold two week’s worth of laundry, have a chat with the  sister and the nephew, and sweep the apartment floor as I waited for the delivery. It was very easy to complete tasks that I usually dreaded doing. That’s the power of food.


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