a productive Monday :)

Getting back to the to field after the weekend – or a couple of day’s rest from taking a jog – has always been challenging. I can’t seem to get used to the morning cold. It stings, sweat meeting the crisp early cold against my face. Then again, that would mean I’m getting warmed up nice for the week.

12545870_10207785620294377_1361972354_oThis is the first work Monday for the daily run. I arrived from the province last Monday so I wasn’t in in good condition to jog. I spent what time I could save from the first work day catching up on sleep.

This weekend’s experience reminded me to always ask for receipts and keep a detailed log of all the payments I make. With such a weak recall, I need to be more meticulous in my record keeping. I know I have those receipts somewhere. I just can’t remember where I put them. Definitely not in the apartment. I have spent the weekend looking for them – cleaning the apartment in the process.

Today, I completed the issue I’ve been working on 😀 Hopefully, we can finalize the edits and send it to the printing press tomorrow.

Finally got my transcript of records and the english translation of my diploma. I could have claimed it as early as November last year. I just forgot about it. This morning however, I found some free time to got to the registrar’s office as I waited for the draft’s notes for revision.

Also managed to finish a rough sample invitation for the second niece’s upcoming 18th birthday.1

The fonts and images are all purchased from angiemakes.com. I suggest you buy directly from the artists themselves because it’s way cheaper compared with any stock photo stores – plus you get freebies 😀

I’m feeling good about today. I had to write that down because that doesn’t happen very often.




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