all settled

Had to go out an hour earlier than usual because on an early morning meeting. It was still dark.  I walked towards the field, away from the sounds of the train passing by the town, the numbing morning cold never failing to welcome me to this new day.


I got to try the arm band today. It was nice to not have to worry about sweat dripping into your phone while you jog. What I love most about it is that it carries my key and coffee money. Its screen protector now has a horizontal scratch spanning the width a thanks to my clumsiness.

Send the publication to the printing press 😀 It was finalized earlier today and I got the go signal to have it reproduced. I do still have the November-December 2015 issue to work on. Hopefully, I’ll finish that also before the month ends.

The confusion about the receipts was settled. I’m just glad that I remembered things correctly.


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