a missed meeting

I totally forgot this one meeting set earlier this afternoon. This is NOT good.

I cannot believe I forgot about that meeting. I just realized I missed it as I was preparing for bed. The day’s work load was light so I cannot say I was tired so I forgot about it. I just… forgot.

It’s during such moments when you doubt if you can maintain your previous (pre-operation) performance at work. It’s one of the greatest fears I have – not being able to function normally after the operation. There’s that unceasing doubt if the anaesthesia administered during the operation affected my memory retention and recall. Researching about it online only makes me more anxious.

Then again, there’s that other voice in your head saying that you may just be overreacting to this missed meeting. I’ve always been forgetful even before the operation. If there was indeed a significant effect on my memory, then I should be forgetting my classes in the future. That would definitely be a problem.




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