productive meetings

It’s the last work day before the new semester starts. I’m going to miss the silent hallways.

Working in the academe means being used to hours of meetings – worse multiple meetings of such kind within a day. I don’t know how our administrators deal with that kind of schedule. I find myself drained with just one meeting. This afternoon’s meeting didn’t take as much time as I thought it would. Still, it covered most of the afternoon.

These days, everyone’s so used to long meetings that every time a notice of meeting appears in our work inboxes, we immediately think of what work we can bring during the meeting. For my case, I needed to complete a set of illustrations (nothing fancy) for a course workbook to be developed. That’s one of the best types of work that can be accomplished during long meetings. It doesn’t require an internet connection and I don’t have to bring a lot of things. It’s just the initial draft and I can do the refining later. I finished the rough sketches before the meeting ended so I’m feeling productive today.

Managed to go for a night jog because I missed the chance this morning. Spent most of the day convincing myself to go for a run and thankfully, I managed to overcome by laziness – for today, at least.




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