first Saturday run

12637189_10207894163647893_2116527764_o I am so relieved to have managed to get up for this run. The eldest sister was also attending the conference. I dropped by their assigned villa so we could search for the jogger’s path indicated in the Google Maps app (such a blessing!).

We were actually looking for a convenience store so I could buy some supplies (that I forgot to bring).

Thanks to the helpful guards at the gate who gave directions to the convenience store and the jogger’s path (which had a rubberized surface! :D)

It was a great way to start the first day of the conference. I went in search for a cafe to get some tea near the conference venue. I spotted a few interesting places during this morning’s jog. Google Maps confirmed that Cafe Mesa is within walking distance (17 mins) away from the venue. We had an hour lunch break so I thought I’d go explore 🙂

12596660_10207894164927925_311596670_oGot my green tea frappe and merrily went back to the conference hall.

Also spotted The Red Crab. It’s the windows that attracted me to the place. It seemed a good area to pass time in. Perhaps, I’ll pay it another visit later tonight or tomorrow.12620858_10207894165607942_498225324_o




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