yey for January :D

This month marks my greatest achievement for exercising regularly. January 2016 has the longest – and most number of – entries in my Nike+ app – ever! It’s all thanks to the weekday jog habit that I hope to keep in the coming months.

January 2016Managed to log 86km for January. It’s a long way from what I managed in December last year 🙂

A few revisions I had to take into consideration was having a week off for my period (I’ll be working on this one and hopefully it would not keep me from going for a jog in the next months) and substituting weekend runs for the weekdays that I wasn’t able to go out to exercise.

When the year started, I aimed for at least 5km of brisk walk/jog every time I went out for the weekday exercise. I spend at least an hour at the university grounds – usually in the mornings – to keep this heart valve healthy.

Plus, I would want to be in a better shape (and weight) when I pay the cardiologist a visit early in February.

The weekday exercise sessions has helped me lose a little weight, feel lighter/better, wake up early in the morning, and most importantly, put health on top priority.


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