darned messages

I’m not really fond of receiving messages early in the morning -especially if they are subtly minatory and a bit demanding.

When you think about it, it’s amazing how say a three messages arriving one after the other, could ruin your Monday morning pep talk about how this week will be a better one.

If this morning was a preview of the week that will be, I’m f*cked.

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Rent and utility bills settled, I can now enjoy February. Just one more day and I get to have my wee12810198_10208145906221300_1325992729_okend.

I’ve been feeling guilty all week about feeling sleepy despite getting more than enough sleep. The coffee helps a lot but I need to control my intake. I’m taking meds to regulate my heart beat. I can’t go on a caffeine binge like I used to.

Gone are the days when I would buy ground barako coffee, enjoy its aroma in the morning as I prepare the day’s brew. I used to consume around three tumblers of coffee. In hindsight, I do wonder how I manage to sleep in the evenings then with all that caffeine in me.

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I never thought beans could taste this good even a week after purchase. I forgot I had another pack in the fridge. It’s definitely going to be on the (very short) list of vegetables I like.

Still feeling guilty about the meat binge during the weekend so I’m trying to add more vegetables in my meals -but there’s still meat, of course 😀

I’m still obsessing over learning how to cook beef properly. It was supposed to be a thick slice of steak. This morning’s batch was undercooked 😐 So I gave it about an hour’s boil to make it tender. It turned out edible. For me, that’s enough reason to have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Hello February!

12656301_10207937286525938_1235669595_oThe week-long break from the weekday exercise sessions made me look forward to start logging entries for this month.

Covered more than the usual 5-6km for tonight. I might have overexerted myself because I was seeing double and was suffering from dizziness as I walked back to the apartment. I had to rest for a couple of minutes. I realized it was already past 9pm when my phone alarm went off. (I was busy fidgeting with my phone, pretending to be busy as I attempted to control the panic that was building inside me.) That’s usually my bed time. I seriously doubt I’ll be going for a morning run tomorrow.

Still, it feels great to have gone out for a jog tonight.