a “tita” kind of night

The only reason I am updating this blog is that I’m avoiding a task at work due tomorrow. I have no idea how I’ll manage to complete that output but right now, I need to work on something I’m not required to do.

I didn’t go out for a jog today. I was supposed to – but I opted to have dinner with the eldest sister. It was a nice breather. It’s late and I’m still up and awake. Remind me not to drink Seoul Kitchen’s kori kopi during dinner. So here I am spending the night watching Diva Channel while updating a blog that no one really reads as I wait for these lids to droop. I decided to watch TV to enjoy the cable subscription that I paid for earlier today. I realized that I haven’t turned on the TV in the past two weeks! I’ve been spending most of my viewing time on Netflix. I can’t do that right now because it’s harder to multi-task when the work and viewing sections are on the same screen.

My concerns these days are so trivial, I know. I should be worrying about more pressing things at work. Come to think of it, all my worries before the hospitalization last February was about work. I guess when I decided to stop worrying about stuff at work, I’m left with nothing much to worry about. And I still cannot not worry about things so I fret about the most insignificant of things.

I’ll need to make up for that run some time this weekend. But I’m going to spend the rest of this evening doing something I like. I tried bringing home some work yesterday but I never really got them out of my bag. I was too tired after the jog that I had to drag myself through a shower and immediately fell asleep.

Tonight, I’m not even going to attempt to do any work. There’s tomorrow for that.

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