Rent and utility bills settled, I can now enjoy February. Just one more day and I get to have my wee12810198_10208145906221300_1325992729_okend.

I’ve been feeling guilty all week about feeling sleepy despite getting more than enough sleep. The coffee helps a lot but I need to control my intake. I’m taking meds to regulate my heart beat. I can’t go on a caffeine binge like I used to.

Gone are the days when I would buy ground barako coffee, enjoy its aroma in the morning as I prepare the day’s brew. I used to consume around three tumblers of coffee. In hindsight, I do wonder how I manage to sleep in the evenings then with all that caffeine in me.

These days, I’m more picky with my coffee. I only get to consume one tall serving every week. Such a treat! So far, my options are limited to Seoul Kitchen’s kori kopi, Black & Brew’s coffee, and 7-eleven’s brewed coffee – in that order of priority.

Okay, I cheat sometimes that I have two coffee days in a week. That usually happens when I have my checkup. I have to wake up at around 3-4am and leave Los Baños at 6am. I would need some caffeine to function properly the whole day. Excuses.

My surgeon did say that I can enjoy coffee – in moderation- after the July heart operation. From three tumblers daily to (at most) two servings per week. That’s been a significant reduction in coffee intake. It also helps that I have people at work checking up on my coffee intake.

I can give up carbonated as well as all those sugary fruit drinks and iced tea. Thankfully,I only had to give up coffee for about five months.

Finally gave in to decaffeinated coffee this year. I used to refer to it as fake coffee. These days, it just so happens that this fake coffee -as painfully expensive as it may be – helps me prepare for the work day.

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