Ba Ngoai’s Online Vietnamese Food

I’m a sucker for online delivery services, which is why I needed to try Ba Ngoai’s Online Vietnamese Food.

You’d need to place your orders 2-3 hours before delivery.

They provide great quality of food for a good price.




The last time I used the brain this much was when I was writing my masters thesis.

Just submitted the draft – more than a day late – for editing. I’m staring at the word file and I’m not quite sure if I should be happy about having an entire week (and a weekend)’s worth of thought processing be reduced to 17 pages. How can 17 pages cause such prolonged state of anxiety?!

Then again, I could just look at my diploma. That’s five years worth of suffering for a fancy sheet of paper 😐

I’m just relieved.

I get to sleep before midnight tonight! 😀