12773083_10208145906101297_1476370257_o Starting the month with an evening jog hoping to redeem myself from my lazy February.

Legs shaky and throat burning, I pushed past long lines of university students waiting to enter the venue for the plays that they have been required to watch.

It’s overwhelming to see that many students at that particular time. I chose this time for a jog because there’s very few people out at this particular hour or at least in the route that I regularly take.

I needed that jog to think and calm down. I try remind myself that last week has been one hell of a week with the production deadlines and crazy schedule adjustments – and I survived that. 

Relief, that’s what I should be focusing on right now. But still, with a press-ready laid out draft to complete in about two weeks, I guess it’s normal to have high anxiety levels. It’s doable. We’ve dealt with more challenging deadlines. I guess it’s just that this project is a test if a can get back to accepting projects. If I can’t deal with the stress -and the deadlines – of a relatively small project like this one, I may have to give up doing raket work.

I’m excited really to work on a project again. It’s been a year since the hospitalization. Completing this project would really help me establish that sense of normalcy.

I’m scared that I may not be able to perform my tasks like I used to prior to the heart operation but I’m looking forward to working on rakets again. Because despite all the rants and complaints, I just love it.




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