We finally have a stable internet connection at the office.


Let me just take a few moments to cherish that thought.

We weren’t able to do much this week because of the erratic internet connection at the office. You can’t really do much else if you keep having to re-upload all the files that encountered errors. It would take quite a while before I could post photographs in the Facebook page we’re maintaining for the community newspaper we’re managing.

It was around three this afternoon when, after several phone calls and that workout of a walk back and forth offices located at the opposite ends of the building -and the two floors, I finally managed to sit down and enjoy a steady internet connection.

It brought such rush to have pages load in just a few seconds! I kept thinking about the time I could have saved these past few days. It’s such a relief to at least have  the remaining two and a half days this week to catch up on work.

Stayed at the office until 7pm today. The internet connection was that good. At 5pm, I usually look forward coming home to the apartment to load the pages faster and work more efficiently.


I’m back to writing here because I have another project I’m avoiding. Well, one could look at updating this blog as a warm up for the writing I need to do. I have a deadline on Friday so I guess I’ll be posting more entries 😀

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