7 to 74

Finally finished the first laid out draft for the book. Laid out seven pages of text into 74 book pages. It still needs captions though. And it will still need go through several rounds of editing. I’m just relieved I got this one off my weekend’s to-do list.


Today’s been quite a productive day. Managed to clean the apartment, clean the bathroom, and wax the floor. I’ve already dealt with the laundry last night so that’s one thing off the list for today.

This book layout was the one thing I was worried about. I have to submit this to the editor tomorrow. It’s just a few minutes before tomorrow. I’m uploading the file so I can send it to the editor before getting some sleep.

Set up a new work space using the newly delivered dining set. I have to say I’m loving this space. Hopefully, I’ll get more work done in here in the future. Hopefully, the payment for the book arrives early enough so I can use it to pay for this set. One can dream.




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