it’s summertime

I don’t know how exactly but it seemed like summer suddenly started this Monday without the usual transition from cold to warmer temperatures. Just like a switch and in a flick, it’s summer already.

It’s definitely summertime. 

  1. There’s the spike in the water intake of people at the workplace. I should know because I replenished the water supply in the department’s dispenser twice this week – Tuesday and Thursday. In the past, one container of water  lasted more than a week at the office.
  2. The usual sweaters and long sleeves I wear to work weren’t comfortable anymore. If you know me, I can endure knits even on the usual warm day. But this week was something else. My closet’s range of tops became a burden.
  3. One handkerchief is not enough to last the day -especially if I went out for a jog the evening or in the morning before I go to work. I drink lots of water and it makes sense that I also perspire a lot and to deal with that, I would need at least a pair of handkerchief in a day.
  4. At the apartment, I finally gave in to opening the large sliding windows -and let in the noise from my student neighbors and the steady blast of music from the food place’s sound system below my floor. The windows are the size of a normal door, only it’s set around a feet and a half above the floor level. I have red curtains for privacy but  I feel exposed exposed. But exposed is better than being baked inside the room.
  5. The water in the fridge isn’t as cold as it used to be – even the ice. For a moment I worried that the fridge may be broken. It was just hot.
  6. The pajamas I favored before remained unused this week. I doubt I’ll be using them in the next weeks.
  7. And lastly – I get to dry my laundry overnight. It used to take all weekend to get that laundry crisp and dry – especially my shoes. But this weekend, it took half that time 😀

The thing with summer I guess, is that the everyone’s brain is so used to doing less during these temperatures. I’ve associated this warm season with long lazy days, break, and lot’s of iced drinks. But it’s just the middle of the semester for us. With the university’s shift in academic calendar, I’m seeing students exerting greater effort to focus on their studies. Heck, I find it hard to concentrate even with the air-conditioning on full blast. I’m either too thirsty, sleepy, or hungry these days.


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