Day 5. Kale, cucumber, & mango

Stir fried spinach amaranth for lunch – and so the pretense to eat health continues šŸ™‚

The fridge is still full of greens from the Thursday purchase from Castiel Farm so I thought I could clear it out today – the spinach at least. Already cooked half a kilo of spinach for last night’s dinner. There’s still a kilo of kale for juicing later today until tomorrow.

Today marks Day 5 of juicing and the second day of includingĀ solids, fruits and vegetable dishes mainly, in my diet. I get 1-2 meals of mainly fruits and vegetable dishes today (Day 5) and tomorrow (Day 6).

I indicatedĀ “mainly” because I ordered grilled pizza later today šŸ˜

Today’s juice is a mix of kale, cucumber, and mango.

Ingredients (for 3 liters good for a day’s supply)

  • 1 kg kale – PhP 120
  • 3 cucumbers – PhP 58
  • 1 large ripe mango – PhP 40

Total – PhP 218

JuicingĀ Tips

What I learned from the past five days of juicing is that there are fourĀ juicing ingredientĀ classifications – the base, extender, texture, and sweetener.

The base refers to main component of the juice. For today’s mix of kale, cucumber, and mango, kale is the main ingredient as it makes up most of the juice.

Cucumber, on the other hand, serves as the extender. Extenders are usually the most cheap ingredient and/or possesses high liquid content. In Los BaƱos, cucumbers are theĀ more practical extenders available in terms of cost – so far, at least.

Texture is provided by fruits like banana and avocado. It thickens the juice mixture and makes it more filling. I use banana because it’s available all year. It also serves as a sweetener.

Sweeteners are usually the most expensive among the ingredients. Mangoes, pineapples, and melons mask the strong taste of the base ingredients.









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