Day 13. Grapefruit & carrot

So I guess the juice + meals don’t quite work especially for a crazy work week 😐 I’m up to 78.3 kg. My cardiologist will not be happy about this.

As much as I’d like to blame this on the stress from work (it was a crazy week, I tell you) – and this heat (this has got to be the hottest summer I’ve experienced here in Los Baños), it’s really the self-control that I need to work on.

With the juicing plus the exercisers I have at the apartment, I really have no excuse.

The guilt levels are high after the weigh in because I have just ordered pizza yesterday – to make myself feel better about surviving the crazy week, I told myself. That’s the problem right there. I eat with my feelings, the office mate commented last week. I could not agree more

There’s really nothing else left to do but to hope for a stronger self-control this coming week. That’s tricky since we’re organizing a training on Monday. That means that stress level on Monday will be off the charts.

So to feel more hopeful about this coming week, I stocked up on fruits at the grocery. I’ll be giving kale a rest this week. It’s mainly melons, pineapples, and cucumbers of course. And oh, I tried juicing carrots in the new slow juicer and it worked fine 😀 At least that’s one good news for the weekend. Mixed carrot juice with grapefruit and it tasted fine. I didn’t realize carrots were sweet so it helped mask the bitterness of grapefruit.

Grapefruits are pricey though. A good sized grapefruit cost roughly PhP 50. Add PhP 25 for carrot and that’s dinner.



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