Day 14. Pineapple & cucumber

The sense of guilt was still high so I thought I should channel it to motivate me to take a morning jog. At this point, I do not care much for the pace. I just want to take more runs this week. Who knows, I m13016493_10208626529716587_35850059_oight surprise myself and make a habit out of it.

Took an early run. See, I needed to be at the office by 7am to prepare for the day’s training so I needed to got out way earlier than usual.

And I did 🙂

Unfortunately, all the good news for the day stops there. Aside from the juice I prepared this morning, I also wolfed down a big plate of spaghetti for late lunch. The spaghetti was actually for the morning snacks in the training. Managed to skip snack and survive on bananas for lunch. By mid afternoon, I was getting a little dizzy – which is not good if you still need to function properly with the smell of burned plastic filling the room. We were laminating IDs at that point.

We wrapped up at around 6pm and went home starving. I cleaned the fridge of leftover pizza and pasta from the weekend of indulgence. I didn’t finish it. I was to sleepy.

So I going to bed early tonight (I have to catch up on sleep) and hopefully tomorrow would be a less stressful day.

Ingredients: (~2.5 liters)

  • 1 large pinepple – PhP 60
  • 4 pcs cucumber – PhP 90

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