Day 15. Honeydew melon, cucumber, & orange

Ingredients: (~2 liters)

  • 1 pc honeydew melon – PhP 96
  • 2 large cucumbers – PhP 52
  • 1 orange – PhP 30

Not going to use honeydew again – ever. It’s too expensive and the taste was too weak that I needed to add an orange so I could taste something. I think I’m going to stick with pineapples. There’s more juice and taste for a lower price 🙂

I didn’t go out for a jog today. Ordered 2 fresh spring rolls from Ba Ngoai’s Online Vietnamese Food on Facebook for lunch (and supposedly dinner).

It was a relatively relaxing day. Handled two classes in the morning and finished laminating IDs for yesterday’s training participant during the afternoon.

At 8 pm, I found myself walking back to the office to double-check if the laminating machine was unplugged. I was unplugged. I just needed to go back to the office to make sure of that. We definitely do not want to be the next school building catching fire 😐

I did spend 30 minutes on the stationary bike 🙂 Need to work on spending longer hours on the thing.


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