a bag to last your lifetime


About a month ago, I was trying to draw the type of bag I need. I needed a backpack large enough to hold my daily one liter supply of juice, laptop and charger, notebooks, student outputs, at the fruits and vegetables I purchased for the next day’s juice.

I wanted it to be made of leather to last years of work load (mostly student drafts) and it needed to have a metal stand (?) so the bag’s base wouldn’t be damaged. I have this habit of putting my bag on the floor (the elders say it’s bad luck 😐 ).


One look at this page and I knew I had to have one their bags. But I wasn’t set on buying one just yet. I’d bookmark their website and page for future reference. It’s not like I had the money to buy one 😐

There was this one bag that I really liked. Buying it would mean that I would have no more online purchases maybe for the rest of the year. The decision was made after an almost sleepless night.

13199429_10208807980372740_1395092859_oTen work days later and this package arrived. I now walk from work to home (and vice versa) – juice, veggies, student outputs, … -everything(!) inside this bag.

The niece saw it this morning and she asked where I’m off to. She thought I’d be travelling out of town 😐 These days, with the money I no longer have, my travels are limited to the workplace and the apartment. And I’ll have no more online purchases for the year (or for this semester at least?).




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