80 :|

I stared hard at the scale needle. That’s just not possible! 

It read 80 kg. The gym personnel asked me to get my weight first before I use their treadmill. The digital scale back home said I weighed 75.5 kg! I knew the gym scale was more accurate. That would be an added my motivation for going to the gym regularly.

Early in May, the third sister said we should really consider going to the gym. That would mean that we’re really serious about  achieving our ideal weight. I shared with her the rates for the monthly membership. She didn’t seem as serious in achieving her ideal weight then.

It’s my first day at the gym. Filled out forms, familiarized myself with the equipment, and how to open that locker lock 😐

Spent an hour at the treadmill watching Cesar Millan’s show on the National Geographic Channel and 30 minutes at the stationary bike.

The 6pm crowd is composed of mostly women. They proceed with their workout in silence. Come 8pm and the more males arrive. For some reason, males are more noisy when they work out. Aaaarghs and humphhhs and ughhhs fill the gym. Good thing I brought headphones.

Must check out the pool area later this week. I’m hoping that it’s more peaceful there.

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