three years for a pin

13393436_10208997368467324_847612565_nAt 2pm on this particularly humid Saturday afternoon, I made my way to the venue garbed in a Filipiniana dress – purse and umbrella at hand. It was a good ten minutes walk under the summer heat. (I could have completed that walk in five minutes if I wore my rubber shoes 😐 )

The Phi Kappa Phi induction ceremonies was a formal event. One that I have missed for the past three years. It’s the first time that they’ll be holding an induction ceremony in UP Los Baños. I thought that was some serious sign that I should push through with the lifetime membership.

I , meaning the mother, paid for the membership back in 2013. I just was not able to attend the induction ceremonies in UP Diliman because the date always conflicted with the deadline of thesis submissions for our research advisees.

The venue was filled with family members and eager graduating students. It’s easy to distinguish the graduate students in the group. They’re usually the bored, impatient ones who came alone. Most undergraduates have family members fussing over them.

It took a little more than two hours to complete the membership application that I started three years ago. It’s one of the things I would have missed had things gone differently with last year’s health scare.

During the walk back to the apartment under the more forgiving skies (that is such a blessing because I lost my umbrella at the venue 😐 ), I’m filled with the sense of relief and gratitude –and thoughts of what to watch next on Netflix.



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