I’m hoping this is just the lull after the frantic period of completing the semester’s grades.

Was surprised to find myself staring at the monitor screen for more nearly an hour – and all that time, I kept wondering “How come people never tire of taking photos of the same subject over – and over?” 

Once or twice a month is okay, I guess. But a weekly (or worse every other day) upload of that same face? They must have a lot of free time. It’s a source of wonder for me – such deep appreciation for their own faces. I honestly don’t know how they manage that. Well, at least they’re being productive with the selfies. It’s a regular practice for developing a skill – taking selfies. I wish I could do that for writing blog entries.

This mindless newsfeed scanning comes with the wait –  for students who are still finalizing their requirements for the semester, for the installation of the new website plugin, and for that new blog entry.

It’s strange though. I’ve been waiting for this moment the entire semester. To get to this point where I’ve submitted all the semester’s grades and I’ve determined who among the advisees will manage to graduate this semester. I thought that being free of those tasks and worries would finally give me the time to update the blog.

Well, there’s this entry. It took a lot of effort to write this nonsense. The point is to write. That voice inside my head would urge on. To write something you’re not required to.

There’s that sense of relief that the semester is finally ending – but it’s somewhat underwhelming. I’m not complaining though. My work load for this semester is a lot lighter compared with the normal work load. Most of the colleagues have at least five research advisees. I have three – and only two advisees are determined to graduate this semester.

In hindsight, this semester has been a rather good one.

  1. I finally got a work laptop during the first half of the semester. I barely use my personal unit for work. The last computer unit I was issued was back in 2008 during my first year of teaching. For most of 2009 until early this year, I used my personal unit for work because it was more practical.
  2. The papers for tenure at work are being processed. Still hoping that everything goes smoothly. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one.
  3. We finally got rid of the old awkward wall shelves in the office, had the room repainted, got new shelves for vertical storage, and new side tables and chairs. The office now feels more spacious and bright with all the work done. That’s all thanks to the bonus we received during the first quarter.
  4. I’ve learned not to bring home work and to not work on weekends – and mostly importantly, to not feel guilty about it.



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