The guilt remains strong on this one

It was definitely strong enough to make me use the bike and take the long way back to the apartment. My apartment is located a few meters aways from the office and it would take less than five minutes if I rode the bike from work to get back home.

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Lettuce, tomato, and cucumber sandwich to take off some guilt from the 3kg weight gain 😐 

I’ll give it three days. The guilt usually lasts that long. If I keep up this attempt at healthier eating until next week, it would such an achievement. Continue reading “”

Destination: Daet Day 3. Baking duties

Today’s the day I get Kath to bake the coffee cake that I’d been pestering her for so long 😀 But before we get to work on the coffee cake, I helped out in packaging the brownies and lemon squares Kath was preparing for their family gathering in Naga tomorrow.


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Destination: Daet Day 1. Somewhere in Basud-Tuaca

I arrived at 2am at the DLTB bus terminal in Daet, thunderstorms consistently keeping us company from Turbina to Daet. I was so looking forward to this vacation 😀

The head throbbed from lack of sleep and the repeated banging of my head in the glass window. And I thought I was lucky to get the window seat 😐 My seat mate was an exceptionally loud snorer. I’m familiar with the normal types of snores, I tell you. This one was way louder than usual, strong vibrations and all. I was relieved to see him get off the bus before my destination. That meant getting a few hours of peace.

I was supposed to be part of the group to visit a former student in Daet. Most of the members of that group backed out because of the conflict in schedule – work and family events. I thought about rescheduling the trip because the finances have been tight. Then again, I realized I may not have another date cleared for this trip so I might as well push through with it. I’m glad I did.
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