Destination: Daet Day 1. Somewhere in Basud-Tuaca

I arrived at 2am at the DLTB bus terminal in Daet, thunderstorms consistently keeping us company from Turbina to Daet. I was so looking forward to this vacation 😀

The head throbbed from lack of sleep and the repeated banging of my head in the glass window. And I thought I was lucky to get the window seat 😐 My seat mate was an exceptionally loud snorer. I’m familiar with the normal types of snores, I tell you. This one was way louder than usual, strong vibrations and all. I was relieved to see him get off the bus before my destination. That meant getting a few hours of peace.

I was supposed to be part of the group to visit a former student in Daet. Most of the members of that group backed out because of the conflict in schedule – work and family events. I thought about rescheduling the trip because the finances have been tight. Then again, I realized I may not have another date cleared for this trip so I might as well push through with it. I’m glad I did.
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