Destination: Daet Day 1. Somewhere in Basud-Tuaca

I arrived at 2am at the DLTB bus terminal in Daet, thunderstorms consistently keeping us company from Turbina to Daet. I was so looking forward to this vacation 😀

The head throbbed from lack of sleep and the repeated banging of my head in the glass window. And I thought I was lucky to get the window seat 😐 My seat mate was an exceptionally loud snorer. I’m familiar with the normal types of snores, I tell you. This one was way louder than usual, strong vibrations and all. I was relieved to see him get off the bus before my destination. That meant getting a few hours of peace.

I was supposed to be part of the group to visit a former student in Daet. Most of the members of that group backed out because of the conflict in schedule – work and family events. I thought about rescheduling the trip because the finances have been tight. Then again, I realized I may not have another date cleared for this trip so I might as well push through with it. I’m glad I did.

Kath, the former student, and her father collected me from the bus station. It was still early so we opted to catch up on sleep when we arrived at their house.

That morning, Kath’s brother also arrived. He needed to look into their farm over the weekend. Lucky us because the brother was the only one who drove their farm vehicle and we could tag along. We spent most of the morning at their pineapple farm. Barely a year after purchasing, the brother explained that they still had a lot to work on in the farm. While Kath’s brother attended to his farm duties, we were left to our own devices to explore. The farm had a hilly terrain so the hike was a much welcomed exercise.

Sadly, the harvest season was still a month away so there goes my daydreams of enjoying an unlimited supply of pineapple during a summer day. We did get frozen pineapple juice, dried pineapples, and pineapple empanadas from the cooperative store.



The highlight of the farm visit was the lunch prepared 😀 We had fried fish and steamed okra, which was Kath’s favorite, but the lunch’s star was the thinly sliced young papaya in spicy coconut milk. It was our first meal and I’ve accepted that I will not survive this trip without eating rice.

We took a jeepney back to Daet in the afternoon. Kath’s brother needed to stay at the farm until later that day. Dozed off most of the commute back to Daet town proper. Back at Kath’s home, I took their busy afternoon to take a nap, which ended up lasting three hours.

It was dark when I woke up. I was informed that dinner was usually at around 8-9pm so we can have merienda at Ksarap! located at Vinzon’s Ave. across SM Haypermarket.

If you happen to be in Daet, you need to try Ksarap!’s empanada, pancit, and sherbet 😀

With a heavy merienda, one would think we won’t have much room for dinner later that evening however, sinigang was served so appease my guilt, I did manage to keep my plate clear of rice for dinner 😀

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