Destination: Daet Day 2. Bagasbas Beach

Celebrated the first year after the heart operation with a surfing lesson at Bagasbas Beach.


I’ve long wanted to try surfing. It’s one of the few things that would entice me to go to the beach for a vacation. See, I’m from a coastal town and I’m not one to spend vacation money for island hopping and  spending time on beaches – no matter what the sand color is. It’s hard to beat my hometown’s beaches especially with the cottage low rental rates. So yeah, it’s hard to find a beach I’d be willing to spend money on.

Bagasbas Beach offered two things: it’s free and it’s the perfect venue for beginner surfing. For PhP 400, one gets an hour of surfing lesson plus the surf board and rashguard rental. You get around 10 minutes of orientation on surfing basics then you get to practice them for the rest of the class.

What sets one instructor apart from the rest, I found, is their ability is spotting waves that are appropriate for the student’s level of surfing. I was really lucky to have been taught by such an instructor. Add the unwavering optimism that make them cheer you on to your next wave. Each attempt receives a feedback on your progress and what to improve for your next wave.

While I would have wanted a happy ending for the day’s surfing lesson, I cannot say I’ve managed to “surf”. Perhaps something near that but I would need more lessons. Until such time, I’ll reserve a photo with the surf board on my to-do list.

What I did manage to do included:

  • improved paddling (a consolation for the surf instructor. At least he need not fetch me at the beach every time I fell from the board 😀 )
  • improved skill and speed on getting back on the surf board
  • completing all kinds of fall. At the start of the surf lesson, Onyok discussed the different types of properly getting off the board. I had mastered all of them 😀
  • maintaining balance while crouched on the board. That’s the nearest thing to surfing that I managed. The problem was having the both hands let go of the board so I can raise the body a little. I couldn’t let go of the board properly. I need to work on that in the next surfing lesson.

I got two extra waves from Onyok. He was really hoping I’d finally surf in at least one wave but I wasn’t able to. I didn’t feel as bad as I thought I would in being a poor performing student. I found the lesson really fun 😀

What I enjoyed most was paddling the board back to chest high waters and meeting the waves. I’ve always wondered what made people view surfing as a way of life. That surfing lesson offered that tiniest glimpse of what that was like. I can never claim to understand it just after one lesson. But I do want to know more about that life – even if that means more falls, scratches, and painful nose-board contact 😀





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