Destination: Daet Day 3. Baking duties

Today’s the day I get Kath to bake the coffee cake that I’d been pestering her for so long 😀 But before we get to work on the coffee cake, I helped out in packaging the brownies and lemon squares Kath was preparing for their family gathering in Naga tomorrow.


Woke up from another morning nap to find two layers of coffee cake cooling on the dining table. The icing was prepared later in the afternoon. The thing with coffee cakes – at least the one I wanted – is that it should have an almost bitter coffee flavor otherwise, it’s going to be a mocha cake 😐 Now, while I also like mocha cakes, it’s not what I’m after. I’m not going to waste the opportunity of having a cake request granted.

Kath wanted to add dark chocolate chips to decorate the cake. I suggested that we infuse coffee with her dark chocolate chips. She then suggested preparing a ganache. While melting butter on low heat, we added ground coffee and then later used a filter as we poured the hot butter with infused coffee into the bitter chocolate to make a ganache. We had to cool the mixture for a while before we could pour it on top of the iced cake.

For me, our experimental bitter chocolate-coffee ganache was what made the cake a real coffee cake.

Enjoying the cake at the end of dinner was a great way to cap this break in Daet. My muscles still ached from my failed surfing lessons but this vacation is one of the best ones I’ve taken 😀



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